Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Halloween Week

Sorry I haven't been posting this week... the girls have been sick, and it looks like I am next. Mara sealed my fate yesterday by coughing right into my mouth!
Our Halloween festivities turned out great, with no tears from Mara. We took them to a Halloween party at a local restaurant on Saturday, and just decided to forgo the "free food" and arrive an hour later for the magic show. The girls did not even notice the food, and both enjoyed dressing up in their costumes. The magic show was cute, and we left soon after that. So no problems there!

On Halloween Day, Mara was still sick so Greg was going to stay home with her so that I could take Analese to a Halloween party that morning. However, our plans changed once Analese woke up coughing as well! That evening, we went to a friend's holistic studio where they had stations set up for treats. All of the treats were healthy and organic. I sneaked in beforehand and gave them "Mara-safe" treats, which they put into her bag. I cannot explain how happy I was that she was able to eat everything in her bag!

We came home and carved the pumpkin before going to a couple neighbor homes..basically just a chance to visit and say hi.

Hopefully next year will go just as well! I found a great pumpkin cookie recipe that I think I can change a bit to work for us..I'll post it if successful!