Monday, November 19, 2007

Busy Playing Food Detective

Once again, Mara has been having digestive issues and we are scrambling to find the cause. She hasn't been introduced to anything new, so it's either a matter of her getting a hold of something she shouldn't-like crumbs from her sister's bread, or something she has been eating is now causing her poor tummy to react.

So it's time once again to play food detective!

This week I will begin a food diary for Mara, writing down everything she has eaten, what time, she has eaten it, etc. I also plan to write down any signs of tummy distress-mucousy stools, fussiness, etc.

Hopefully this will help clue us in as to what is going on with our little Mara. I feel like every time we begin to relax, something reminds us that we really cannot.

Not just yet.

Hopefully someday.


InspiredMumof2 said...

I hope little Mara feels better. My son gets tummy ache too, usually due to some foods his systems have problems with and sometimes its just that he is constipated, or tummy has wind.
Good to jot down everything in food diary too.

Julie B said...

thanks! I think we may have narrowed it down to the raspberry vinegar I had least I hope thats what it is! Easy to eliminate :)

Mara has some pretty tell-tale signs when she's eaten something her body cannot handle-really mucousy stools, and fussiness are main ones, as well as sleeplessness. I can see something is bothering her but she doesn't seem to know what it is :)

footiam said...

Maybe, you can pay attention to family history too!

InspiredMumof2 said...

Hey julie b you've been tagged! Check my blog for your award!!

tiny morsels said...

Oh man, I have to play food detective for myself, I can't imagine doing for a toddler. You're such a good mom. Hope she's feeling better.

Julie B said...

I thinks its probably a bit easier for a toddler, since I am in charge of everything she eats :) When she was a baby, I had to do a food diary for myself, and it was tough-even with all the restrictions I had at the time.
Thanks for the kind words :) I think you have a lot on your plate as well, with having a picky eater. Thankfully, Mara usually eats anything we put in front of her...her sister, on the other hand, has become so selective and I find that more stressful to deal with....

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