Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I started this site as a way to help those living with food allergies, and to admittedly, help myself as well! Living with food restrictions can often lead you to feel like your stuck in a rut in terms of what you can eat, the meals you can prepare, etc. Hopefully I can help open the door to new ways of cooking and eating, and help bring the enjoyment back into food!

I should note that I am certainly not a great chef. My husband is the cook in this family, but I have managed to tweak quite a few recipes to meet our needs! The recipes I share will be ones that have been tested on my family, and ones that passed the test! With a 3 year old and 21 month old with very different tastes, finding something they both like is exciting.

Our family began living with food restrictions when my youngest was only a few weeks old. It has been a very long journey in discovering all of the foods affecting her, and I cannot say we know them all right now. As of right now, our restrictions are on dairy, soy, gluten, onions and coconut.
We hope that one day some, if not all, of her food issues will go away. But , until then, life goes on.....