Thursday, October 25, 2007


Halloween can be such a fun time, but also one of great stress for those of us having children with food restrictions. Everywhere we go, be it the bank, post office, even my older daughter's speech assessment this morning had someone whispering "Can they have a treat?" At least most have whispered, making it much easier for me to just say no.

And Halloween is still a week away....

Granted, Mara is only 21 months, so I really am not keen on her having candy period. While we do not restrict our girls from having it, we do not encourage it. Easter baskets are filled with toys rather then candy; same goes for Christmas stockings. They do however, have grandparents who provide them with more then enough! In the past, we have usually allowed our oldest have a few treats, and then the rest just disappears. But that was before we knew what was going on with Mara.

Now that Mara is older, and a bit more aware of things around her (especially in regards to her sister) things will be a bit trickier! This morning, Analese's dance teacher gave them all candy instead of the usual stamp on the hand. Analese, of course, wanted to eat it right away, as most of the other children were, so I let her.

Mara was not happy, and kept putting her hand out for some. I had to tell her the "this will hurt your tummy" speech that she doesn't understand. But she did stop asking.

So our plan this year in regards to trick-or-treating: We had gotten gluten-free lollipops awhile ago, and plan to stick one in Mara's trick-or-treat bag before we leave. Once we get back to the house, the girls can each have one treat, and that will be Mara's treat. Let's hope she goes for it.

As so how to handle the Halloween parties? We're still working on that! We may go to one on Saturday, and have another next Wednesday. I was thinking about buying some cute containers-possibly Halloween themed, to put some of her favorite snacks in (just to make it feel special). I also have some cupcake ideas as well...I'll let you know what I come up with!