Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Product Review: For Chocolate Lovers!

I have not had a chocolate bar for over two years. I love chocolate, but have never been one to buy lots of candy bars, etc. Ever since I have gone off of dairy and soy, I have been asking for safe chocolate. For Easter. Valentine's Day, Christmas. Even Mother's day!

But no chocolate for me. My husband is wonderful, but not a "plan in advance" kind of guy, so he never researched where to get this for me. Wile I enjoy the "Enjoy Life" chocolate chips, I just really wanted something different, a bit smoother......

So imagine my surprise when he came home Sunday afternoon with a CHOCOLATE BAR! For ME!! I was beyond excited. I wanted to savor it, and did not even open it until later when the girls were in bed.

The chocolate is from "Equal Exchange" and the safe kind for me (no dairy, no soy) was the dark chocolate. It was organic dark chocolate with pure cocoa nibs. Are you salivating yet?

Oh my, was this delicious. This chocolate just melted in my mouth. I tried my best to eat a bit at a time, but sadly finished it off yesterday. I just looked and found that it is available though my buying club...I just have to decide if I really want 12 of these things in my house! Plus, at $3.49 a bar, it is a pricey treat for me.

But, one I have been waiting for for a very long time!


Peace is every step said...

Julie, you need to check out the "Endangered Species" bars! Especially the blueberry kind-they are gluten, dairy, soy, and other stuff free...but soooo yummy.

Julie B said...

Hi Danielle!
I checked these out before, but unfortunately they have soy lecithin in it, which we cannot have, and they are not yet certified as gluten-free. Some of their products also contain milk :(....thanks for the suggestion though! I am always on the lookout for safe chocolate, especially as these pregnancy cravings kick in :)

Peace is every step said...

Oh, sorry! I swear they have a certified gluten free/soy free/and milk free version.
My friend has celiacs disease, and is also allergic to soy & dairy, and some other thing that's in most chocolate bars. Unless I'm spacing on the name...which is entirely possible :). I would definately be lost without my chocolate fix. Its weird, but it gets stronger as I get older...never really had a fix on anything when I was younger. OK I'm a ramblin rose. :)

Julie B said...

nothing to be sorry about-I appreciate you telling me! I know alot of people with soy allergies can tolerate soy lechithin, but unfortunately Mara is not one of them :(
There is a brand of choc chips that are safe (Enjoy Life) and I have been eating those for awhile...but NOTHING compared to that dark choc bar! I actually picked another one up today :) I have been having huge chocolate cravings for the past few weeks..mmmm, I can't stop thinking about it now :)

tiny morsels said...

2 years without a chocolate bar!? You are such a good mom. If we were neighbors, I'd split a 12 pack w/ you.

I believe Dagoba makes ONE dark (like 73%) chocolate bar that's gluten, soy, dairy, and nut free. They have 'em at my Whole Foods.

Jamie said...

i totally can relate. i went off dairy, egg, peanut, and soy for 5 months while breastfeeding. chocolate was the hardest part! i ate tootsie rolls, junior mints, and found a cocoa bar with no tasted like unsweetened cocoa powder but i loved it. i found your blog through mom of three boys. i just started my own milk allergy blog. just finding several allergy blogs and all the stories make me cry...just hits so close to home. i pray for us all. happy easter.

Julie B said...

Jamie-welcome! I hope you can find some useful recipes here. I will be sure to check out your site as well :)